Environmental Consultancy

We were contracted by Dar Petroleum Operating Company (DPOC) to provide an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the demusifier spilled accident that took place near Aru Junction, Juba-Nimule road 60 km from Juba City. The Assessment was conducted for the contaminated/affected and uncontaminated/unaffected soil and water of the surrounding area and the biodiversity. The assessment mainly focused on three broad areas, namely, Soil, water and biodiversity.

Some of the key specific objectives for assessment were:

To describe, the baseline conditions of the accident area

To identify and predict all likely positive and negative environmental impacts due to the spillover of the demulsifier in the accident site (Odema Boma, Lokiliri Payam)

To review environmental policies and procedures of the Republic of South Sudan and DPOC environmental policies.

Identification of Project Affected Persons (PAPs).

Preparation of environmental social management plan (ESMP) for mitigation of adverse impacts.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the following methods and investigation tools were used: Accident area site visits, investigations and sampling were carried out and taken for laboratory analysis in Kampala, Uganda. The field survey enabled the expert team to identify the environmental settings of the accident sites and to ascertain some of the existing physical conditions. In addition, the site visits allowed the team to discuss with local communities as well as their chiefs on their views, understanding and reaction on demulsifier spilled in their area as well as potential environmental impact of the demulsifier spilled.

A series of stakeholder consultations were conducted throughout the study period and the drafting process of the report. Some of the consultations were round table discussions and focus group discussions with key stakeholders including senior officials in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining and the Ministry of Environment at state and National level. Stakeholder consultations and the rural appraisal process provided a unique opportunity to interact and share experiences with the chiefs, farmers and local communities who were directly involved and affected by the demulsifier spilled.

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