Environmental Consultancy

We were contracted by Asmara Industrial limited (F5) to provide an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for water processing plant located in Gumbo.

The key environmental concerns that were addressed so as to enhance environmental acceptability during the implementation of the proposed project includes:

Describe the project and associated works together with the requirements for carrying out the project

Identify and described the elements of the community and environment likely to be affected by the project and/ or likely to cause adverse impacts to the project, including both the natural and man made environment

Provide information on the consideration of the alternatives/options for site locations and layouts of the project to avoid and minimize potential environmental impacts to environmentally sensitive areas and other sensitive uses; to compare the environmental benefits and dis-benefits of each of the different option; to provide reasons for selecting the preferred options

Identify and assess air quality impact, noise impact, water quality impact, waste and management implication, cultural human impact, heritage impact and landscape and visual impact, and determine the significance of the impacts on sensitive receivers and potential affected areas

Identify, predict and evaluate the residually (i.e. after practicable mitigation) environmental impact and the cumulative effects expected to arise during the construction and operation phase of the project in relation to the sensitive receivers and potential affected uses

Identify, assess and specify methods, measures and standards, to be included in the detail design, construction and operation of the project which are necessary to mitigate these environmental impacts and reducing them to acceptable levels

Design and specify the environmental monitoring and audit requirement to ensure the effective implementation for the recommended environmental protection and pollution control measures.

Preparation of environmental and social management plan for mitigation of adverse impacts.

Identification of Project Affected Persons (PAPs).

Preparation of environmental social management plan (ESMP) for mitigation of adverse impacts.

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